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STAGE 3 Television 

You have been employed to create a 5 day TV schedule for a new channel, STAGE3TV. This channel does not have advertisements. There are certain restrictions that you have to meet when planning their Saturday evening schedule.

You have to plan the TV programs from 6pm to 12 midnight (for 5 days).  The restrictions are listed below:

  • 20% Sport
  • 25% Film
  • 5% News and weather
  • 5% Music
  • 30% Reality TV
  • 15% Drama

You can create the names of the programs yourself but here are some examples to help you:

Drama – Doctor What? Winter Bay, Camden Abbey
Reality TV – ABC Factor, Prancing with the stars, MACC’s Got Talent
Movies – Penguins of Minto, Hairy Potter, The Incredible Bulk
Sport – Chess, Sports Update, Cricket, Poison HANDBALL


Create a new 5 day TV schedule for STAGE3TV – noting down start and finish times in both the 12 and 24 hour clock. Remember that you can include more than one program if you wish – for example 30% of Reality TV can be made up of 2 programmes totalling 15%. 

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Harmony Day Games 

Multiplication and Division


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