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How to Write a good Blog comment: 

Writing comments on blogs is an important part of blogging as it gives students feedback and questions about what they are learning. It helps to engage students in the process of the learning process using writing as a way of expressing their thoughts. It helps consolidate what they have learnt.

As part of our Family blogging Month we will be awarding good comments two points. A comment that is error free and adds something to the conversation by either asking a question, an observation or thought will be awarded two points.

How to Comment on a blog:

  1. Choose the post that you wish to comment on 
  2. Go to the word "comment" and click on it. A text box will appear.
  3. Type in your comment, remembering to check your spelling, punctuation etc. 
  4. Choose in the drop down box, which identity you will post as.
  5. Click on the word "Publish"
  6. An anti-spam word and number will appear which needs to be entered into the box. 
  7. Your comment will appear after approval.

Why do you think its important to write comments on a blog? Are there any tips that you could add to writing a good blog comment?


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