For many of our students, there has not been a big emphasis on homework during Primary.  However, it has become apparent that greater consideration needs to be given to Year 6 and preparing them for further education, so changes to Homework have been made to help in this transition process. 

Firstly, Homework has been up until now been the following:
  • Diary sighted and signed by Parents '
  • 3 Mathletics tasks
  • 1 studyladder task
These activities are designed to support the learning that is happening in the classroom. Each student has been given the access codes to the websites. 
Year 6 students need to learn to use their diaries more effectively for greater organisational skills.  Regular times during the week will be made available for students to record any activities that are happening. They will also be setting a goal to complete. Students will present their diaries to be signed on a weekly basis. The diaries need to be presented each Monday so that they can stamp their homework chart as being completed. Our students are also needing to learn how to organise their time to complete work at home. Learning to set time aside and study will become an essential skill as they prepare for high school. 
To help with this process, assignments will be implemented which will be marked and feedback was given. The purpose of these tasks is to help develop time management skills. There will be allowances in class, for the students to reflect on how well they managed their time to complete the work. Feedback will also be provided on how they can improve. 

If your child is having difficulties at all with homework, please put a note in the diary and get them to show their teacher.

Click on the link below to go to the Mathletics Website

Click on the link below to go the Studyladder website

Homework Assignment 

The Homework Project is due on Friday 15th June. It is a writing task on the website STORYBIRD.
Please log in with the log in that I gave you and not change the Username please. If you have difficulties please let me know.

The Assignment brief is:

Choose a piece of art and write a poem in praise of what you see. Write this poem using your own words in a single-chapter Longform book. (Read the Rules below.) An ode is a type of lyric poem devoted to the praise of a person, animal, thing, or idea. An ode expresses deep feelings about the subject. Unlike sonnets, which are always fourteen lines, villanelles which follow a rhyming pattern, or haikus, odes do not have to follow a set form.

Once you have completed your poem, please copy and paste the link into the Classroom Assignment Post. 


  1. My favourite assignment was the 'Mathsterpiece' because I like colouring in. by Ryley

    1. My favorite assignment was the poetry one because it was easy and the poem I did was short and to the point.

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