Cultural Exchange

Earlier this term, Stage 3 applied to an organisation called Know my World to participate in a cross-cultural exchange with a school from overseas. Know My World is an international organisation that runs cross-cultural exchanges. We were successful with our application!

Who is our Exchange with? 

The exchange will be with Sekolah Cikal Surabaya in Indonesia. They are a private school located in Surabaya. It will start next term as part of our Geography program. It will be exciting to learn about another culture from the students themselves. An introductory Skype will be set up so that we can introduce ourselves.
This is the link to the Sekolah Cikal.


The first part of the exchange started this week with a Skype introduction between Sekolah Cikal and MACC. The students had prepared some true and false facts about our countries and local area beforehand. We also met Mrs. Stefani who has been organising our exchange. She lives in Toronto.
Our Skype session involved three different countries: Indonesia, Canada and Australia! How amazing is technology! 

We took turns to ask questions about our countries. We discovered that we need to find out a lot more about Indonesia. It was a lot of fun and an exciting way to learn!

Learning about how others live in another country

The first task in our exchange was to learn about how we live our daily lives. Would they be the smae or different?
We watched the following video to focus on the way we each spent our day:

The students in Sydney and Surabaya then wrote down all the things that they did in a day. They created a timeline of their day, which made it easy to compare the similarities and differences.

The day in the life of a student in Sydney 

The day in the life of a student in Surabaya

What differences and similarities did you notice?

How do the students in Australia and Indonesia us Technology? 
The next part of the exchange looked at how children in each country use Technology to communicate. They looked at how we use it socially, at school and in society. 

What did the students from Sekolah Cikal learn from us? 

This is what Kayla learned. 

This is what Kenisha learned. 

This is what Nadya learned. 

This is what Daanisy learned 

This is what Abi learned. 


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