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Masking Tape Art- Does Art have an impact?

Can Art impact the way that we view issues and the world around us?
This was the question that was asked of Stage 3 for our final Unit of Visual art for the year. We looked at the above slideshow and discussed the images that we saw. Each picture represents an artists depiction of an issue ranging from pollution in our oceans to highlight gender equality. We discussed why the images were effective, with many students explaining that the images showed how this issue affects the world around us. They also made us more aware and were often more powerful ways to express the thoughts of the artist.

Making Our School a Better Place

What would you do to help to make our school a better place? What issues are there, that need to be highlighted to help our school be a better place? 

These are the questions posed to Stage 3 to consider. They brainstormed ideas in their art diaries in response to the questions. They were then given the following design brief for the project:

We then looked at examples of Masking Tape art using TES Blendspace. This allowed students to be able to access the videos and resources again when needed on their Google Classroom accounts.

The students were asked to collaborate together on the issues that they saw in the school that needed to be highlighted or changed. They came up with some ideas for artworks and then used masking tape to create their artworks. It was really interesting to see how unique each artwork was and the level of engagement in each of the groups.


The students then wrote a self-reflection about what they had learned through this process of artistic collaboration and raising awareness about issues. 

What did you enjoy the most about this project? What would you change? 


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