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Fire is one element that shapes the Australian environment to make it unique compared to other environments around the world. It can also have a devastating effect on communities, and is something that needs to be understood and managed.

A starting point for our project was gaining an understanding of what fire is and the elements that contribute to a fire burning. A fire needs three elements to burn effectively:

We then investigated the geographical processes that occur that occur to contribute to a Bushfire. A geographical process is a process that humans and physical forces combine to shape a particular environment. An example of this would be houses that are built very close to a forest.

The task was then to research about a bushfire that occurred in the Australian environment. The students needed to investigate the following questions:

The students created a presentation in Google Slides. Here are some great examples of the student's work:

Upon reflection, the students produced high-quality work and showed how much they had learned about researching and referencing for a project. Each student reflected upon what they had learned by answering a number of questions:

What was your understanding of Bushfires and fire before you studied this topic?

My understanding of bushfires was that a fire can/could be caused by a heat wave or done deliberately.

What problems did you encounter while you were working on this project? How did you solve them?

A problem I had was that I had to put the information in my own words, I solved the problem by asking a friend to help me change the sentence

What process did you go through to produce this piece?

I first started by researching about my bushfire. I then moved on to set up my google slides. Then I put all of my information on the google slides after I finished I then turned it into google classroom

How do you feel about this project? What parts of it do you particularly like? Dislike? Why? What did/do you enjoy about this project or work

I feel that I learnt a lot about bushfires about them, how they start and spread. I liked how that I now know the harm a bushfire can have on the community

What did you enjoy the most about this project? What else would you like to learn? 


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