Grandparents Day 2017

Grandparents Day is always special!
Grandparents hold a special place in our hearts and lives and being able to celebrate the relationship that we have with them was a privilege today.

Each student in Year 6 was asked to bring in a photo of their Grandparents. The photos were displayed with a handwritten note to their Grandparents. They were asked to write about a special memory or to thank their Grandparents for what they had done for them. The notes were so special and touching. The students took a lot of care with the messages that they had written. These were displayed in our Stage 3 quad. 

We started the day with an Assembly. Our Headmaster, Mr Korocz spoke to the Assembly about the wonderful honour of being a Grandparent. The choir sang some beautiful songs and Mr Sales had prepared a challenge for Grandparents to make with their grandchild: Matching paper Hats! The girls in Stage 3 recited some poems and Year 4 shared some interesting facts that they found out about MACC grandparents. 

Grandparents and Grandchildren went off to classes, where we played a Kahoot. We concluded our morning with Morning tea.

To make the day possible, there was a lot of organisation. Firstly to Charlotte's Grandma Mrs Appleby, who organised the flowers for our table. We think she is amazing because she is recovering from an operation at the moment. A big thank you to my amazing Year 6 class, who did all they could to help, especially Lachlan and Nate who set up tables yesterday without being asked. A big thank you to Jake and Zack who also found chairs for people to sit on. All of you are amazing!!!


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