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Year 6 Assembly and Words of Advice

The day is nearly here, that you will no longer be Primary students. The milestone has been reached and the signpost is pointing the way to a new path. It is pointing towards being a teenager- up and down emotions, pimples, part-time jobs, lots more study are all a part of where you are headed. Secondary school is on the horizon and a new path to journey down. It can be daunting and nerve-wracking...and that’s just for your Mum and Dad! What advice would I give to these budding young men and women of the future? Cope with failure and learn from your mistakes: You will make them! They can be your greatest teachers if you let them. They teach resilience, persistence and the ability to never give up. They help shape your character and teach you to be a better person. Like who you are: You are the most amazing and unique individual that God has created. He made you be you! Don’t let others define who you are, resist the temptation to try and be the popular one, or the sporty

Grandparents Day 2017

Grandparents Day is always special! Grandparents hold a special place in our hearts and lives and being able to celebrate the relationship that we have with them was a privilege today. Each student in Year 6 was asked to bring in a photo of their Grandparents. The photos were displayed with a handwritten note to their Grandparents. They were asked to write about a special memory or to thank their Grandparents for what they had done for them. The notes were so special and touching. The students took a lot of care with the messages that they had written. These were displayed in our Stage 3 quad.  We started the day with an Assembly. Our Headmaster, Mr Korocz spoke to the Assembly about the wonderful honour of being a Grandparent. The choir sang some beautiful songs and Mr Sales had prepared a challenge for Grandparents to make with their grandchild: Matching paper Hats! The girls in Stage 3 recited some poems and Year 4 shared some interesting facts that they found out

KOALA Book Awards

On Thursday the 9th of November I went to the KOALA book awards we got to listen to authors saying what their favourite word is and why it was very interesting. Some were even funny! Once the awards were handed out we got to go to the bookstore and buy some books and then get them signed by the author that wrote it. After we got our books signed we headed off back to school but we made a stop at McDonald's first and then we drove on the bus back to school. by Amy

What is a Role Model?

In many interviews with sports stars, particularly if their behaviour is the result of poor choices, the word "role model" is often used to highlight their bad behaviour. For example, a football player got into a fight recently with a player from another team, it was said that his behaviour is a poor role model. So what is a role model? Is it someone who posts lots of photos of themselves on Instagram? Is it someone who can do anything they want and are selfish in their behaviour?  A role model is someone who inspires another. How have you inspired others today? Are the choices that you making showing how others can achieve? Or is the example you are setting, leading others to make poor choices about behaviour and attitude? Think about the qualities of what makes a good role model. What qualities or behaviour would lead you to become a better person? Which of those qualities do you have? Which ones do you need to work on? 

Year 7 Orientation Day

On Friday 3rd November, was our last Orientation Day for Year 7. The day started with Mr Camilleri talking about all the different things that could be expected in Year 7 and then onto secondary. He also discussed the core values of Mount Annan Christian College. The reason for this is to highlight how these values underpin many of the things that we do at MACC. The rest of the day was looking at the different subjects and activities that the students can look forward to at MACC, such as agriculture and Science. A big thank you goes to our prefects for organising an Amazing Race, that took Year 6 all over the school. The prefects did a fantastic job of cooking lunch as well! What did you enjoy the most about Orientation Day? What do you look forward to in Year 7?