The Structure of the Earth

To understand many concepts, we need to have some background knowledge. I often think of building knowledge is a little like creating a net of information, which we then use to catch more concepts and ideas. This knowledge helps build a foundation to understand a subject and greater way.

The recent project that Stage 3 has just completed was about the structure of the Earth. The task was to find out how Scientists believe the way the Earth is structured. A model of this information needed to show the different layers and what they were called. The students also had to write some information about what they found. Being creative was also a consideration as well. The students found that after completing this project, that their background knowledge is much greater.

The projects were brought into school this week and showed a very high standard of work. The excitement about showing each other what they had done was fantastic. It was also evident that much thought, creativity and effort went into creating these projects. Please enjoy the examples below and leave a comment to encourage the students. 


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