Earthquake's and their Data

This term in Science, we are looking at Natural Geological events, which is a scientist's way of saying that we are looking at Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Tsunami's. The Earth's surface is always moving because of its structure. The continents of the world sit on plates. When these plates move they cause tremors and Earthquakes.

We took the opportunity in Mathematics, to look at how these are recorded by Scientists. The information is used to help predict earthquakes. We discussed the magnitude of Earthquakes and then used this information to create a graph. The activity is below:

It was a challenge to decide on which graph to use but everyone came up with some great results:

Some students chose to complete their data using a Word Document 

What was the most interesting fact that you learnt about Earthquake Data? How well did you create a table using Data from Earthquakes? 


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