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Splash and Dash Bi-Athlon

On Thursday 26/10/17 seven MACC student primary-high school competed in the CSSA State biathlon and triathlon at the International Regatta Centre, High school students had to swim 400m, run 3k and bike ride 5k and the primary school students had to swim 200m and run 2k. The people who went we're Ryley, Nathanael, Sian and Charlotte in primary school. In high school it was Jack, Jack.S and Bracken. Nathanael and Ryley in the team SPLASH AND DASH came 23rd, Nathanael swimming and Ryley running. Jack.S in the individual triathlon came 2nd which was amazing. Not only is a triathlon swimming and running it is also a bike ride which he had to do. Jack.S, Jack and Bracken in the team triathlon came 3rd with Jack.S bike riding, Jack running and Bracken swimming. Sian and Charlotte did a team SPLASH AND DASH coming 2nd with Sian coming 1st out of the water and Charlotte 2nd overall, they also broke the previous record but did not set the new one. Sian in the i

The Structure of the Earth

To understand many concepts, we need to have some background knowledge. I often think of building knowledge is a little like creating a net of information, which we then use to catch more concepts and ideas. This knowledge helps build a foundation to understand a subject and greater way. The recent project that Stage 3 has just completed was about the structure of the Earth. The task was to find out how Scientists believe the way the Earth is structured. A model of this information needed to show the different layers and what they were called. The students also had to write some information about what they found. Being creative was also a consideration as well. The students found that after completing this project, that their background knowledge is much greater. The projects were brought into school this week and showed a very high standard of work. The excitement about showing each other what they had done was fantastic. It was also evident that much thought, creativity

Earthquake's and their Data

This term in Science, we are looking at Natural Geological events, which is a scientist's way of saying that we are looking at Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Tsunami's. The Earth's surface is always moving because of its structure. The continents of the world sit on plates. When these plates move they cause tremors and Earthquakes. We took the opportunity in Mathematics, to look at how these are recorded by Scientists. The information is used to help predict earthquakes. We discussed the magnitude of Earthquakes and then used this information to create a graph. The activity is below: It was a challenge to decide on which graph to use but everyone came up with some great results: Some students chose to complete their data using a Word Document  What was the most interesting fact that you learnt about Earthquake Data? How well did you create a table using Data from Earthquakes? 

The Burnt Stick- A Personal Response

Stories can help us see, the experiences and emotions of other people. Using stories to empathise with another person's life can be a powerful way to change the views that we might hold about other people. It puts us into their shoes, and see another person's life through their eyes. The Burnt Stick is a book written with that intention. The story is about an aboriginal boy called John Jagamarra who was taken from his family when he was 5 years old. He was taken by the Welfare man to live with the Fathers at Pearl Bay Mission for Aboriginal Children, to learn the ways of the white man. The students in Stage 3 have been learning about how to write a personal response to a story. Personal responses come in many forms but always need to have a summary of the story and a personal response or opinion about it. The criteria for our personal response is: The starting point for the writing was to brainstorm ideas about the feelings and thoughts about the story. W