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We built this city!

We have been working on a project that has been looking at how cities or towns are built. The complexities of many people living together arose when we started looking at the needs that people have. It also highlighted the challenges that councils face to meet those needs. What is a Town Council? We discovered that a Town or City  Council is made up of many different people. They all have different roles that play an important part in planning a town and then maintaining the many services that arise. Our local council is made up of councillors who have been elected to the council. The Mayor is the lead councillor who has the final say in many decisions. What we did The first activity that we looked at was to role play making council decisions using the following prompt called "Peopletown". The students worked in groups to consider the challenges of a variety of scenarios and then redesigned the city based on their decisions. It certainly showed how compl

The Mock Trial Of William Bligh

Book Week provides the opportunity for looking at new books. One of the books that we looked at was the book was a book called "William Bligh: A stormy story of Tempestuous Times" . It focuses on the life of William Bligh and how he figured in Australian History. As part of our book week celebrations, we put on a Mock Trial of William Bligh. The idea was to place Bligh on trial for his involvement in the events that led up to the Mutiny of the Bounty. It also put our public speaking and speech writing skills that we have been developing this term. To get our trial underway, the students were placed in groups and assigned roles for the trial. They developed notes, speeches, and questions. The students took the challenge up with enthusiasm. We used resources from TES to help understand the roles: We practiced the trial by setting the classroom up as a court based on the following diagram: The students had prepared well a

Gala Cricket Day

The 2017 cricket gala day was really fun! The year 5 and 6 boys won 2 games and lost 2 games, while the year 5 and 6 girls won 2 games and lost 2 games. The Senior boys team made the finals. In the finals they lost by two runs because SOMEONE IN THE BOYS TEAM MISSED THE STUMP FROM 3 INCHES AWAY!!! The girls won their final for third and fourth and the girls instead of playing cricket they were dancing the whole time it was hilarious and at the end of the day we all got stickers there was also a quiz where you won prizes it was so fun  :) the cricket gala day was on 11/09/17  some things we enjoyed was playing as a team batting and bowling. by Riley and Stuart

Book Week Parade 2017

Book Week is always a great event. It's an opportunity to have fun and dress up, celebrating the many characters, authors, and illustrators that we encounter in reading and writing. This year, so many of our Stage 3 students dressed up and participated in the parade.  The theme for Book Week was "Escape to Everywhere". Many of the students featured characters from popular fiction such as Super Heroes. We had characters from Star Wars and Doctor Who featured. We had little Mis Cupcake and King Peter from Narnia. We also had a visit from the Men in Black and a Panda Bear. A big thank you goes to all of our parents who have made, created or provided costumes in some way. We appreciate the support and care that you have shown in helping make this day a big success.  What did you enjoy the most about Book Week Parade? Who is your favourite book character? Which character did you choose to go as and why? 

Holding a Mock Trial

A mock trial replicates the proceedings in a real court room. The trial places a character on trial and tries them in a simulated court of law, to experience the sorts of arguments that are needed to defend or prosecute a defendant. The judge is the person who presides over the trial. He acts like a referee, making sure that all parties are heard. He helps the jury and then makes a final decision about the guilt or innocence of the defendant. The lawyers and their legal team are responsible for proving the defendant's guilt or innocence. They use evidence to help support their argument. The jury is made up of members of the public who listen to all of the arguments and evidence. They then have to make a decision about the guilt or innocence of the defendant. The courtroom is set up where all members of the court can participate in the proceedings. It is set up in a similar way to the diagram below: What do you know about trials? What role would you like to