Was it the pigeon's fault?

This was the question asked of Stage 3 when looking at persuasive texts. We often need to have an opinion and formulate an argument in order to convince others that our view is worthy of consideration. A persuasive text can be in the form of a speech or an essay, that discusses a question or statement. It uses a range of text features which help to create a logical piece of writing that can convince others of your point of view.

Features of Persuasive Text

These are the features that we have been focusing on using in our persuasive writing. Using rhetorical questions and emotive language helps to engage our audience, while also making an impact. 

Pigeon: Impossible

We watched the video Pigeon: Impossible, which is a great animation about a pigeon and his encounter with the CIA. The question given to the students was

Was it the pigeon's fault?

Stage 3 discussed this in small groups and gave some very convincing arguments. Each group nominated who they thought gave the best speech after giving each other feedback about their speeches. 

Here is what a few of our students thought: 

Do you agree or disagree with their thoughts? Who do you think was to blame? 


  1. Loved working that out it was so fun poor pigeon he died tear

  2. I loved making the speeches and I loved reading them out.


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