Referencing- The MACC way!

When studying and presenting what we have learned, there are ways of finding out new information. This information then needs to referencing so that the information is verified by a teacher or another student

Our school librarian, Mrs. Turner, took some time to show us how to use the school reference generator. This is accessed through our school library website called "Oasis". To find Oasis, go to the student portal where it is represented by a big "O". 

Click on the link and it will open up this website: 

This website will allow access to finding books and resources that will help your studies, which you can book or re-borrow online. To find the referencing generator, look down in the bottom right-hand corner of the page for this information: 

Click on the link to go directly to the website. 

There are also some handy resources for research using the Campbelltown library. 

The generator that is needed is the green section titled "Middle School Bibliography". It will take you to the home page that looks like this: 

Choose the appropriate resource generator for the resource that is being used. The generator gives an example of what is needed to place in each box. 

This is a skill that is needed in High School and then into further study. Referencing is also a skill that is highly valued by teachers as it shows that students have taken the time to research their work carefully and learned something new about a subject. 

How will you use referencing in the future? What have you learned referencing? 


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