Pacific Hills STEM Symposium 2017

Last Friday, six intrepid students accompanied Mrs Young and Mrs Todd to Dural. Pacific Hills Christian School was hosting a  real STEM symposium as part of Science Week. We had been invited to talk about the projects that students at MACC have worked on. 

Nathanael, Joshua and Jordan all shared about Tinkertime Plus. The students are turning umbrellas into sea creatures with the help of wearable technology, EL wire and microprocessors. The students have been using Design Thinking to come up with original designs. 

Kyle spoke about how we can inspire others by what we do. His motto was to dream big!

Nikita and Amelia were explained about their micro- environment project, looking at the way beans could be another economic food source. 

Mrs Young was the keynote speaker for the event. She explained how she is going to convert our clock tower into a drop tower, to show students the effect of gravity. 

What have you enjoyed about Tinkertime projects? What would you like to do in Tinkertime? 


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