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CSSA State Athletics Carnival

Last week {the 18th of August} three MACC students went to Blacktown International Sports Stadium to represent our school in the CSSA State Athletics Carnival.

We all traveled with our parents and one of our teachers Mr.Brownlee came as well to do the boys long jump. It was a horribly windy day and was quite difficult if you were running because the wind was blowing one way while we were running the other way.

The three people who went were Charlotte, Ryley, and Cole.

First, we’ll talk about Cole he went in Discus and did very well. He came 8th overall. After that, he went home.

Now Charlotte she competed in three events and in 800m she came 1st in her heat and 6th overall. In 200m she came 18th and in the discus, she came 6th. Which was awesome!!!!


Ryley went in four events in long jump he came 1st. In 100m he came 3rd, in 200m he came 2nd and in high jump he fouled all of his jumps which is good. Because he did so well he is going to CIS which is awesome!!!!!!!.

by Ryley and Charlotte

What are some ways that we can encourage Ryley when he goes to the CIS carnival?


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