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Positive and Negative Space

When creating a picture or artwork, positive and negative space both need to be considered. What is the positive and negative space?
Look closely at the following picture:

It shows the space between the faces takes on a shape. This is negative, while the faces themselves are positive shapes.
What do you see in the following pictures?

In your Art diary complete the following: 

Draw an example design of positive and negative Art then explain Positive and Negative Art. 

Positive and Negative Artworks. 

To understand Positive and Negative Art better we will be creating an Artwork like the examples below: 

This artwork also uses the concepts of translation, rotation and reflection which you have been exploring in Mathematics.

  • Can you see how these are used in the shapes above?
  • Which shapes have been reflected? 
  • What do you notice happens when the shapes are flipped over? 
  • What would happen to the design if the shapes were translated or rotated instead? 
To complete this artwork you will need:
  • a lead pencil
  • an eraser
  • 1 small square piece of coloured paper
  • scissors 


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