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CSSA State Athletics Carnival

Last week {the 18th of August} three MACC students went to Blacktown International Sports Stadium to represent our school in the CSSA State Athletics Carnival. We all traveled with our parents and one of our teachers Mr.Brownlee came as well to do the boys long jump. It was a horribly windy day and was quite difficult if you were running because the wind was blowing one way while we were running the other way. The three people who went were Charlotte, Ryley, and Cole. First, we’ll talk about Cole he went in Discus and did very well. He came 8th overall. After that, he went home. Now Charlotte she competed in three events and in 800m she came 1st in her heat and 6th overall. In 200m she came 18th and in the discus, she came 6th. Which was awesome!!!! Finally, Ryley went in four events in long jump he came 1st. In 100m he came 3rd, in 200m he came 2nd and in high jump he fouled all of his jumps which is good. Because he did so well he is going to CIS which

Order of Operations

It would be nice to think that this post has to do with playing the game of Operation.... It doesn't! It has to do with the Order of Operations that are needed when working in Mathematics to solve an equation. There needs to be an order so that an answer is accurate. It is also learning the procedure that will help you to become a better mathematician. Check out some of the videos to help understand how to complete an equation that involves order of operations: In Summary Order of Operations follows the following procedure: Some examples to help remind you about how to complete the order of operations:  To practice and consolidate your understanding about Order of Operations, complete this assignment by Friday 1st September. The second page lists the marking criteria and points will be deducted from your assignment if it is handed in late.

William Bligh-A stormy story of tempestuous times

The story of the Mutiny of the Bounty and William Bligh's part in it is a fascinating story. William Bligh is a part of Australian history. He was an amazing navigator and disciplined captain, but one that lacked many social graces. He had a foul temper and managed to get many people offside with his inflexible attitude to authority. He was a character none the less. The Picture book, William Bligh: a stormy story of tempestuous times, has been written by Michael Sedunary and illustrated by Bern Emmerichs. It recounts in the second person the events of the Bounty and the Rum Rebellion. It mentions the conflict that Bligh encountered both as Captain and as Governor of New South Wales. While looking at the book, the students were asked to consider the statement: A leader should be followed no matter how badly he treats his followers. They had to decide on their position. On one side of the classroom was the word AGREE and on the other side was DISAGREE. The students then

Pacific Hills STEM Symposium 2017

Last Friday, six intrepid students accompanied Mrs Young and Mrs Todd to Dural. Pacific Hills Christian School was hosting a  real STEM symposium as part of Science Week. We had been invited to talk about the projects that students at MACC have worked on.  Nathanael, Joshua and Jordan all shared about Tinkertime Plus. The students are turning umbrellas into sea creatures with the help of wearable technology, EL wire and microprocessors. The students have been using Design Thinking to come up with original designs.  Kyle spoke about how we can inspire others by what we do. His motto was to dream big! Nikita and Amelia were explained about their micro- environment project, looking at the way beans could be another economic food source.  Mrs Young was the keynote speaker for the event. She explained how she is going to convert our clock tower into a drop tower, to show students the effect of gravity.  What have you enjoyed about Tinkertime projects? What would

Was it the pigeon's fault?

This was the question asked of Stage 3 when looking at persuasive texts. We often need to have an opinion and formulate an argument in order to convince others that our view is worthy of consideration. A persuasive text can be in the form of a speech or an essay, that discusses a question or statement. It uses a range of text features which help to create a logical piece of writing that can convince others of your point of view. Features of Persuasive Text These are the features that we have been focusing on using in our persuasive writing. Using rhetorical questions and emotive language helps to engage our audience, while also making an impact.  Pigeon: Impossible We watched the video Pigeon: Impossible, which is a great animation about a pigeon and his encounter with the CIA. The question given to the students was Was it the pigeon's fault? Stage 3 discussed this in small groups and gave some very convincing arguments. Each group nominated who they

Artist Trading Card Exchange

It has been an amazing experience to have participated in an Artist Trading Card Swap with other schools from overseas. These are posts from previous years about this experience and some ideas for your own Artist Trading Cards. It has been stated before that when we are able to share what we have learned it helps to develop and improve our understanding. The opportunity to share our artwork has arisen through an international project called "Artist Trading Card Swap". The idea of   Artist Trading Cards  was started in 1997 in Switzerland as a Project for Artists to share their work with one another. The card is about the same size as a regular Trading Card (63mm x 89mm). The artwork can be any subject or medium. On the back, there needs to include details about the painting, the artist and where it comes from.  An opportunity arose to participate in a school version through a group of Art teachers. Mini Matisse, otherwise known as Mrs Hahn, has given some of her

Positive and Negative Space

Stare at the white dot for 10 seconds, then look at Van Gogh's Starry Night below. — Google Facts (@GoogleFacts) August 5, 2017 When creating a picture or artwork, positive and negative space both need to be considered. What is the positive and negative space? Look closely at the following picture: It shows the space between the faces takes on a shape. This is negative, while the faces themselves are positive shapes. What do you see in the following pictures? In your Art diary complete the following:  Draw an example design of positive and negative Art then explain Positive and Negative Art.  Positive and Negative Artworks.  To understand Positive and Negative Art better we will be creating an Artwork like the examples below:  This artwork also uses the concepts of translation, rotation and reflection which you have been exploring in Mathematics. Can you see how these are used in the shapes ab

Referencing- The MACC way!

When studying and presenting what we have learned, there are ways of finding out new information . This information then needs to referencing so that the information is verified by a teacher or another student .  Our school librarian, Mrs. Turner, took some time to show us how to use the school reference generator. This is accessed through our school library website called "Oasis". To find Oasis, go to the student portal where it is represented by a big "O".  Click on the link and it will open up this website:  This website will allow access to finding books and resources that will help your studies, which you can book or re-borrow online. To find the referencing generator, look down in the bottom right-hand corner of the page for this information:  Click on the link to go directly to the website.  There are also some handy resources for research using the Campbelltown library.  The generator that is needed is th

Mayor for the Day Competition

Public Speaking is something that can make people feel nervous when sharing their thoughts and opinions in a public way. It is an aspect of being a part of the role of Camden and one that our Mayor Lara Symkowiak does on a regular basis. Eliana from Year 6, experienced some of that today as she represented MACC at the annual Mayor for a Day speech competition. Eliana spoke about local issues such as a new labour ward for Camden Hospital and our busy roads. She got a few responses to her speech and made quite a few people laugh. It was a wonderful experience and a great confidence builder. Eliana would have our vote if she ever decided to be the Mayor of Camden,.