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Learning Basketball Skills

This Term in Sport we are learning about Basketball and how to improve our ball skills. As the name suggests, two teams play against each other to score the most balls in their team's basket.

Much of the skill in Basketball is in the way that the ball is handled and passed to each player. Each player works to give their team the advantage and will defend the ball from other players receiving it.

Chest Pass

On Friday, Mr Sales showed Stage 3 how to pass the ball using a chest pass. The ball is held at chest height and pushed rather than thrown using the force of the body behind it. The aim is to throw the ball at chest height to make it easier to catch for a team mate. A step forward helps to pass the ball to a team mate.

Bounce Pass 

The other pass that the students practised was a bounce pass. It is similar to a chest pass but instead of the ball being passed through the air, the ball is bounced to the team mate. This is effective if an opponent is quite close.


This is a term used when bouncing the ball by yourself and is a fundamental skill of Basketball. Developing control of the ball through Dribbling ensures that opponents cannot get the ball and gain control play. The game that the students enjoy playing is a group game. They dribble the ball within a small space as a group of five. The students then try to knock the ball out of the other student's hands. Once the ball has been knocked away, the student then sits down. The last student to stay in the game is the winner.


  1. I'm sure everyone had fun and now is a basketball maniac and will learn every trick. it was really fun and I learned a lot from it.


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