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Listen to Reading Project

Listening is one of the five senses that we use every day of our lives, that is an important part of communication. We often need to develop our listening skills so that we are tuning into what is being discussed so that we have a good understanding of what is going on around us. It is also a vital key to learning new concepts. Often we need to listen to the new information carefully. Listening to reading is a part of our Daily 5 literacy each day. The purpose of Listening to reading is to become better readers. Listening to an expert reader model good reading, helps us to improve our reading. We are listening to the fluency, accuracy and vocabulary that are used when the book or story is read to us. It can also be a relaxing way of enjoying a book. Activity 1: Listen to Reading Websites  The first activity involves listening to someone reading a book. Choose one of the websites below to go to. As you are reading, listen for the following: What is their fluency like? How

Learning Basketball Skills

This Term in Sport we are learning about Basketball and how to improve our ball skills. As the name suggests, two teams play against each other to score the most balls in their team's basket. Much of the skill in Basketball is in the way that the ball is handled and passed to each player. Each player works to give their team the advantage and will defend the ball from other players receiving it. Chest Pass On Friday, Mr Sales showed Stage 3 how to pass the ball using a chest pass. The ball is held at chest height and pushed rather than thrown using the force of the body behind it. The aim is to throw the ball at chest height to make it easier to catch for a team mate. A step forward helps to pass the ball to a team mate. Bounce Pass  The other pass that the students practised was a bounce pass. It is similar to a chest pass but instead of the ball being passed through the air, the ball is bounced to the team mate. This is effective if an opponent is quite close.

My trip to Russia

When I went to Russia I got to reunite with the rest of my family. I got to see my grandparents, my stepsister and some of my friends. I went to the Red Square where I haven't been for a long time. I also went to Saint Petersburg where I visited the Kuntz-Kamera which is the first museum ever to exist in Russia. I've also visited Petergoth which was beautiful, it was full of castles, fountains, gardens. by Alexandra

Referencing your Research

Validate, Verify and Check! The reason for reference the research that we are making is to validate, verify and check where we find our information. It is important that we can support our findings by showing where we have found the information from. How to Reference Using a search engine, find the website that will help you in your research. Look for the URL and then copy this. Open the following link to the reference generator and then paste the URL into the Search bar.

The Power of Reflection

One of the biggest changes in Education is that of allowing students to be reflective about their own learning. If we use the analogy of a mirror, where it reflects our image back to the person who is viewing it. It gives feedback about their appearance and personality. Reflection in learning can serve a similar purpose by showing students where they are at academically and how they can improve, through reflecting on the things that have been achieved and need improving. In the last two or three years at our school, the teachers at our school have been undergoing a process of understanding how we can raise student achievement. There has been a lot of research that involves looking at the way feedback is given back to students. It can have either a positive or negative impact on student achievement depending upon the way it's given. Research  Dr Dylan Wiliam is one of the key researchers in this area. He has written a number of books around this area of student feedback

Netball Gala Day 2017

The Netball Gala day was held at Barden Ridge in Sutherland. The Gala Day was with the Christian School's Association, with a group of schools playing against each other from the south of Sydney. Our toughest opponents were from Innaburra Christian College. We lost two games to their teams. The girls played very well and showed great teamwork. The remainder of our games we won. Each girl played very well and gave their best effort.

An Award Winning Term

Our cross country team ran their best and showed great sportsmanship. Merit Award winners were given for effort at our recent Gala Day and for Science. The first our Silver Behaviour Awards. They went to a Movie Afternoon. Our Bronze Award achievers will be getting a hot chocolate and cookies.  Well done to all our Award Winners this term. It's always fantastic to be able to share our students achievements and recognise their efforts.