Skype with Sekolah Cikal

On Tuesday the 30th, we got to speak to Cikal school and we had to make questions to ask them.some of the questions were what country do you want to visit.The most favourite country was Europe and surprisingly none of them wanted to go toAustraliaa.Some traditional celebrations are heros day, heroes day is a celebration because of a war in 1555.They also go to bed really early and late because they work all day and night.Some of their favourite things to do are the game called Queen chair, their favourite t.v show is called the talk show where they get celebrities to come and talk about themselves.Surabaya has the thing called the city of heroes Because the shark and the crocodile battled for the city and they were heroes it was also known as two people.

by Jake and Zack

Leon asking a question to the students at Sekolah Cikal 

Mrs Todd getting our Skype session underway 

Year 6 girls all ready to ask questions 


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