Mayor for a Day

Mount Annan Christian College has been given an invitation to participate in the annual Mayor for the Day speaking competition. It is open to all Year 6 students in the Camden region to represent their school and share their ideas on how they would make their local area a better place.

This is a good opportunity for Year 6 to practice their research, writing and speaking skills!

Over the holidays, Year 6 have an assignment to complete to research about the local area and its issues. They then need to write a speech about why they would make a good Mayor and what they would do for the Camden Community. The outline of the assignment is below and will be due Tuesday 18th July 2017.

The students need to turn their research notes and their written speech in on classroom for assessment. The reason it is needing to be done over the holidays is to allow time for the speeches to be made in front of the class.

The student who has the best written and presented speech will be made to the school assembly and will receive a gift voucher of $30. They will then attend the Mayor for a Day speaking competition to represent our school in August.

This is a wonderful chance to showcase the talents of our students' writing and public speaking. 

Marking Rubric 

The rubric is a guide to help you to understand what you need to achieve. Aim for a 3 or a 4! 


  1. if I was mayor I would build a underground extension of the t2 green airport line stoping at mount Annan, Narellan, Camden, and Oran park. what would you do


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