MACC Primary Disco



MACC knows how to have fun!

The Kindy block looked very welcoming as everyone came into see glittering lights and colourful decorations all waiting for a great time of disco dancing.

Everyone had a great time dancing! Lots of bopping around and big smiles.

Miss Woodcock gave out lots of prizes for great dancing. 

The Wii in the Chillout room proved very popular too, as an option to the dancing.

Mrs Harris and Miss MacGregor took lots of photos at the photo booth which will be given out as soon as they are printed off.

What did you enjoy the most about the Disco? 


  1. the disco was very fun from isaiah

  2. I enjoyed the music the most because I know most of the songs.

  3. the disco was a lot of fun and filled with surprises from jake

  4. I had such a great time at the disco so disappointed that we cant do it in year 7

    from Stuart

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  6. the disco was very fun and full of surprises and it was even better since it was our last year from Isaiah

  7. it was very surprising and funny. I will miss it next year


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