Finance Incursion

Learning about Finances is an important life skill. Understanding how we need to save for the things we would like develops goals, no matter how young we are. Year 6 learnt about how they could save from Maritza, who was a representative of the Commonwealth Bank, She showed everyone how to set goals and think about what jobs they could do to earn money. 

How can we save money?

See it. See what you want and how much it is.
Earn it. Earn the money by doing jobs.
Save it. Save the money don't spend it and buy what you want. 

What did we do?

A nice lady named Maritza from Commonwealth Bank came and talked to us about how we can save money as kids. We got into small groups of 3 and thought of our own little business. Some examples are... 
Carter- A photographer and sell his photos at the markets.
Brianna- Lemonade stand on her street.
Amy- Teaching little kids how to do art.
Victoria- Cake store.
Stuart- Flips of money.
Josh.s- Book store.
Luke- Play games and get some prizes.
Jake- Window cleaning 
Sienna and Sian- Getting groceries for the elderly

By Sienna and Sian 


  1. This was an interesting lesson where we learned about financial savings and interests... My group decided to do a book store because we have a lot of old books that we could sell. And I live right next to Waterworth drive which is a great place to sell things...

  2. This was a fun and interesting incursion. We learned a lot about saving ,smart spending and starting your own business, overall i had a really fun time and learned heaps. Thanks for Maritza representing the commonwealth bank for coming and teaching us.

    What was your favourite part of this incursion?

    From Joshua G.


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