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Developing our Research Skills

Over the holidays, you will be researching about the Camden area, our local government and some of the issues that are a challenge in our area. What is research? What do you think is research? Write down your ideas about what research is and then share this with your group.  Keywords  What do you think keywords are? The keywords in your assignment sheet are: Local Government, Camden ideas to make our community a better place. local issues Highlight these words on your research sheet. Why are these words important? Taking Notes Watch the following video: Look at the following section of a page from the Camden Council Website:  Local Government Elections are held every four years in the month of September.  Council is composed of nine (9) Councillors across three (3) Wards (Central, South and North Ward). Council's  Ward Map  indicates the location of each Ward and the suburbs within that Ward. The Mayor's offi

Mayor for a Day

Mount Annan Christian College has been given an invitation to participate in the annual Mayor for the Day speaking competition. It is open to all Year 6 students in the Camden region to represent their school and share their ideas on how they would make their local area a better place. This is a good opportunity for Year 6 to practice their research, writing and speaking skills! Over the holidays, Year 6 have an assignment to complete to research about the local area and its issues. They then need to write a speech about why they would make a good Mayor and what they would do for the Camden Community. The outline of the assignment is below and will be due Tuesday 18th July 2017. The students need to turn their research notes and their written speech in on classroom for assessment. The reason it is needing to be done over the holidays is to allow time for the speeches to be made in front of the class. The student who has the best written and presented speech will

MACC Primary Disco

    MACC knows how to have fun! The Kindy block looked very welcoming as everyone came into see glittering lights and colourful decorations all waiting for a great time of disco dancing. Everyone had a great time dancing! Lots of bopping around and big smiles. Miss Woodcock gave out lots of prizes for great dancing.  The Wii in the Chillout room proved very popular too, as an option to the dancing. Mrs Harris and Miss MacGregor took lots of photos at the photo booth which will be given out as soon as they are printed off. What did you enjoy the most about the Disco? 

Finance Incursion

Learning about Finances is an important life skill. Understanding how we need to save for the things we would like develops goals, no matter how young we are. Year 6 learnt about how they could save from Maritza, who was a representative of the Commonwealth Bank, She showed everyone how to set goals and think about what jobs they could do to earn money.  How can we save money? See it. See what you want and how much it is. Earn it. Earn the money by doing jobs. Save it. Save the money don't spend it and buy what you want.  What did we do? A nice lady named Maritza from Commonwealth Bank came and talked to us about how we can save money as kids. We got into small groups of 3 and thought of our own little business. Some examples are...  Carter- A photographer and sell his photos at the markets. Brianna- Lemonade stand on her street. Amy- Teaching little kids how to do art. Victoria- Cake store. Stuart- Flips of money. Josh.s- Book store. Luke- Play g

"My Country" Poetry Writing

Words can have an impact when we use them in ways that create images and evoke emotions. Poetry is a way of writing that allows someone to communicate these images and emotions in a deeply personal way. They require creativity and thought about a subject, often using a limited amount of words to so. Dorothea Mackellar is an Australian poet, who uses imagery in her poetry to great effect. They portray her love of her country by creating images of colour and ruggedness through a rich use of descriptive words. The most famous of her poems is called "My country", which the students then compared to another poem of hers called "Colours of the Light". After completing the lessons on imagery from these poems, we came up with a definition and looked at the words that can evoke the 5 senses.  To start the process of using imagery in our own writing, we brainstormed ideas for poems. This helps the process of pre-writing. Getting ideas written down assists t

Exchange with Surabaya Presentations

On this exchange, we learnt that we are different but the same in ways and we used technology in a lot of the same ways we use some of the same apps in my presentation. I explained how we use technology at home at school and in society. During the exchange we learnt some stuff about Surabaya like dances and how they use technology. When making our presentations most used Powtoon the rest used other sources to make their presentation. BY Carter l

our Powtoon project by Victoria

During this past few week we have been using Powtoon. We had to do was make a video and send it to Surabaya on Edmodo. I did mine with Eliana and it was really fun. The title was "how we use technology in our school, at home and in our society". We had to finish it by the end of this week as the students in Sekolah Cikal are going on holiday.  It had to be for at least 40sec but I did 35sec. It was interesting to learn more about technology. I had lots of fun making it. -Victoria -6T

Skype with Sekolah Cikal

On Tuesday the 30th, we got to speak to Cikal school and we had to make questions to ask them.some of the questions were what country do you want to visit.The most favourite country was Europe and surprisingly none of them wanted to go toAustraliaa.Some traditional celebrations are heros day, heroes day is a celebration because of a war in 1555.They also go to bed really early and late because they work all day and night.Some of their favourite things to do are the game called Queen chair, their favourite t.v show is called the talk show where they get celebrities to come and talk about themselves.Surabaya has the thing called the city of heroes Because the shark and the crocodile battled for the city and they were heroes it was also known as two people. by Jake and Zack Leon asking a question to the students at Sekolah Cikal  Mrs Todd getting our Skype session underway  Year 6 girls all ready to ask questions