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Study 101- Organising Time

Time is the framework in which we live ou lives. There are many things that we do that take up time. Learning to manage our time by ourselves is an important part of growing up.  One of the aspects of being a student is learning to fit in all the different parts of our lives so that they balance and we get time to do the things that we both need to and want to do. Write a list of all the things that you do in your afternoons. They might be chores, homework, leisure, sport etc.  Circle all the things that you have to do.  Put a star beside all the things that you would like to do Create a chart of the week and then put the have to things under the days where they need to be done. Add the would like to activities in and around them. How did you go?  You have the makings of a Study timetable and are on your way to organising your time. 

A Big thank you to Bunnings!

Tinkertime has been a great opportunity to learn about sustainability, gardening and recycling. Today saw the addition of another garden and a compost bin being made by the fabulous team at Bunnings. The team arrived today with bags of compost, seedlings, garden bed and pallets. They proceeded to make the garden bed and compost bins with the help of many willing hands. They showed the students how to create a garden bed from scratch. The students then planted a range of winter vegetables. The bin is ready and waiting for the students to fill the compost bin with leaves, clippings and paper. This will take a few weeks to process.  The visit from Bunnings came about beacuse of Mrs Shabaya's class winning scarecrow design at the Camden show.Mrs Shabaya's beautiful scarecrow won and first prize was a sustainability workshop.  We have been very fortunate in the way that the students have been able to see our garden area take shape and grow through the effo

Visit from Together for Humanity

On Tuesday, Stage 3 had visitors come in. They were named Together For Humanity. They represented different religions. There were two Jewish, one person was Muslim and one person was a Christian. The Muslim lady, Hawa wore a headscarf to show her commitment to her religion . Rabbi Zalman had a scroll. It was the book of Esther. It was a real scroll from the bible that he got given from his wife as a present. It had been handwritten on parchment using a quill and ink. All of the religions were a little bit similar. by Elliana

Poet Study Dorothea Mackellar

Year 6 Commemorative shirts

Class of 2017 Yr 6 Polo Shirts The College is giving students in Year 6 the opportunity to purchase a commemorative shirt which can be worn as their sports shirt for most of Term 3 and 4 and then kept as a memento of 2017. The colour will be Bottle Green with Gold panel. The cost of the shirts will be $40 each and payment can be made after the designs for the shirts have been chosen. We will measure the students at school and the note will go out on the MACC app so that payment can be made. Please complete the following Google Form to vote on your choice of design:  Loading...

Learning about being sustainable

On the 3rd of May 6T,5S and 5B went on an excursion to Macarthur Centre For Sustainable Living. We learnt how to Recycle, how to create a compost bin and plant herbs out of newspaper. After that, we went to the Bee section and learnt that if we didn’t have bees we would only live for two years.A We then saw animals: a pig named Lulu and a fat-tailed sheep called Chloe. We learnt that 90% of the fence was made up of mobile phones. Most types of Chickens can lay up to 280-300 eggs a year. by Michaela A big thank you must go to Helen and her staff who made the day a very enjoyable one. The workshops were very well organised and our students learned many things about being sustainable.

Blackout Poetry

We have been studying poetry and learning about how to create our own. One way we that we learned was to create poetry from other texts by looking for key words and ideas to create a Blackout Poem. What did you learn in the process of creating Blackout Poetry? 

Using your Diary to be organised

Organisation Powerpoint from guest2d0bda Being organised helps us to keep up with everything that is happening. One of the best ways to help us to be organised is to use a diary. It can help us to know when activities are happening. We can set goals to help achieve new skills. Some examples of diaries: This diary shows how they have organised different parts of their life.  This diary shows all the different things that they need to do in a day.  Tips for keeping a Dairy:  Write down on each the activities that are happening this week. What do you need to achieve this week? Write down the tasks that you need to do such as assignments and homework. Write down when they are due.