ANZAC Day 2017

ANZAC Day is always a time to stop and remember those family members and friends who have served in the Armed Forces. While the day often focuses on where ANZAC day started in Gallipoli, there were many battles and tales of survival. Most families have a relative that they honour at this time. Charlotte's Grandmother often speaks of her Uncle Bobby, who lost his life at Gallipoli, 3 days after she was born. He was a teacher.  Mrs Appleby reminds us that 102, 825 people have died as a result of serving in the Armed forces so that we can have peace and freedom. 

To honour ANZAC Day this year, Year 6 were asked to make poppies. The poppies were used in our Remembrance ceremony. Each poppy represented a local soldier who died at Gallipoli. The students presented them during the ceremony. 

Another aspect of our annual observance of ANZAC day is the incursion organised by Mr and Mrs Bird. Mr Bird has a vast collection of memorabilia and medals, which he shares with our students. The students were able to try on some of the backpacks and webbing to get an understanding of how heavy they are to carry. A big thank you to Mr and Mrs Bird for their generosity of time to share with our students!

Why is it important to remember ANZAC Day? Do you remember any family member in particular? 


  1. 'Lest We Forget'
    The Anzac ceremony was very important but it was quite interesting as well.
    Thank you for the amazing ceremony MACC!

    Form Joshua S (6T)

  2. sad by the way I am going to join the army as a medic on the battlefield when I finish school


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