Tinkertime is back on!

Tinkertime has become a favourite activity at MACC. It is a time when students can collaborate, explore, learn and develop new skills about Science, Mathematics and Technology. Many students have been looking forward to its return.

The focus that Tinkertime will take, will be towards gardening. We will be focusing on sustainable ways to grow plants, with the view that we will be able to supply the canteen. Maybe even learn to cook some of the vegetables and herbs that we grow. Our hope is to see MACC students see the process that it takes for plants to be grown, harvested and used for food.

The students will be keeping records of the way plants grow. They will take measurements of rainfall, as part of the Mathematics part of the project.

We are also hoping to be able to acquire a Worm farm so that we can recycle some of the leftover food. This can be turned into liquid fertiliser.

We have two planter boxes, which have needed to be filled with soil. We have planted them with marigolds, snap peas, sugar peas and some herbs.

What other plants would you like to grow in our garden? What sort of recipes do you know that have peas in them?


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