Thank you for our New Flags

Have you noticed that the flags haven't been flying at our school?

Our flags have been absent this year, as our old ones had worn out and developed holes. It was time to get new ones!

Who to help?

A task of a leader is to reach out and ask for assistance, so two of our representatives were asked to write a letter to Chris Patterson, who is the Member for Camden. Alex, our Captain for Primary School and Victoria, one of our prefects, wrote a letter on behalf of our school. They explained the need of flags and asked if Mr. Patterson could help us.

This request was kindly passed to Angus Taylor, Member for Hume, who helped us out by sending two flags: The Australian Flag and the Aboriginal Flag. A very big Thank you to our Members of Parliament and their staff for their generosity and organising the flags to be sent to our school.

They will be very proudly flown, especially on the upcoming Harmony Day, when we celebrate the diversity that exists in our community.


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