Science Experiments on Light

This term stage 3 have been studying the 3 properties of light, reflection. Refraction and light travel in straight lines. Each student had to write up 4 experiments to do with light a choose 1 at the end to present to the class.

Everyone did a great job presenting their experiments and most of all everyone had fun!

For my experiment, I studied the properties of light being refracted in my experiment we had a water bottle filled up with water and we poked a hole in it , then we pointed a laser pointer inline with the hole so then the light looks like it is following the stream of water coming from the hole
We all learned lots of things about light during this period light can be a very interesting topic to look up and research.

What kind of experiments have you done at home or at school?


  1. Hi mrs Todd this is Paiten. My study ladder tasks don't show up. I have tried getting the tasks by clicking on set tasks but it hasn't come up with anything. I have also refreshed the page but it still comes up with nothing.


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