Modigliani Art Lesson

by Joshua S. 
On Wednesday, Stage 3 learned all about Amedeo Modigliani who is anArtist. His family’s background was Jewish. But Modigliani painted most of his portraits in France. He was born on 12 July 1884 and Died in the early 1920's.

Not only did we learn about him, we also so tried to do a self-portrait of ourselves Modigliani style… In my opinion, it was funny how we gave ourselves long necks and oval-shaped heads. But that’s how Modigliani did his Artwork.


The process that we went through to create our pictures: 

We made a grid like this in our Art Diaries 

We used the grid to draw the head, shoulders and long neck. The shapes are rounded like Modigliani

Some of our Finished drawings. The next step will be to paint them.

What were some things that you learned about drawing in this way? Why did Modigliani draw the eyes without any details or features? 


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