Introducing Primary Pup and Monkey Macc

On Thursday at Assembly, we welcomed primary pup. Primary pup is given to the best class but because Mrs. Todd was the secret teacher she couldn't choose us so 3M won. 3M get to keep Primary Pup until the next assembly. On Friday we also welcomed Monkey Macc.

Monkey Macc is also given to the best class. On Friday Monkey Macc was awarded to us. We get Monkey Macc until next Friday at morning assembly. The class that gets Monkey Macc and the class that gets Primary Pup the most get to have a reward in term two and then the next classes that get Monkey Macc and Primary Pup the most get a reward in term four.

By Amy Year 6

Who do you think will get Primary Pup next? Which class should get Monkey Macc next?


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