How to create a Pop Art portrait using Google Docs

Pop Art was an art movement in the 20th Century that features bright colours and strong contrasts in graphics. Andy Warhol was one of the key artists of the movement who became renowned for bright two-dimensional portraits of famous people. The portraits were often repeated a number of times

Making our own version of a Pop Art portrait turned out to be a lot of fun. Photos of each student were taken and uploaded to Google Photos. I made a folder for all the photos which Stage 3 were able to access. I then created an Assignment in Google Classroom. 

Each Stage 3 student chose their own photo, which they downloaded to their picture files. The students then opened a Google doc and uploaded their photo to the document. They then cropped the photo so that it focused on the face of the student more. They then copied and pasted their photo into the document a number of times. 

To recolour the photo, Stage 3 edited their photo using different filters, changing the brightness and contrast to make it two-dimensional. 

The results were amazing!

Please check out the slideshow of the pictures so far.....
There are more to come!


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