High School Immersion Day

What is an Immersion Day?

The best way to experience something new is to be immersed in it. To be engaged in the experience makes it more memorable, especially when it is positive. At MACC, we are wanting to make the experience of moving from Primary School to High School as smooth and positive transition as possible.

Immersion Day 2017 

Our first Immersion Day was held last Wednesday. Year 6 Students from MACC and a number of other schools became Year 7 for the day. They participated in a number of different lessons that showcased the many different lessons and activities that they could potentially be doing in High School.

The students acted out poetry, learnt about DNA, solved problems and became designers. They created logos and learnt about Adverstising in Commerce. There also a great many extra-curricular activities that they could participate in as they progress into High School, such as the Duke of Edinburgh Service Awards and Musicals.

The day was a great success. Every student felt welcome and made a new friend. There were lots of big smiles and great memories made, which will help them to get ready for the next part of their education. 

What did you enjoy the most about Immersion Day? Is there something else that you would like to know about going to High School? 


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