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High School Immersion Day

What is an Immersion Day? The best way to experience something new is to be immersed in it. To be engaged in the experience makes it more memorable, especially when it is positive. At MACC, we are wanting to make the experience of moving from Primary School to High School as smooth and positive transition as possible. Immersion Day 2017  Our first Immersion Day was held last Wednesday. Year 6 Students from MACC and a number of other schools became Year 7 for the day. They participated in a number of different lessons that showcased the many different lessons and activities that they could potentially be doing in High School. The students acted out poetry, learnt about DNA, solved problems and became designers. They created logos and learnt about Adverstising in Commerce. There also a great many extra-curricular activities that they could participate in as they progress into High School, such as the Duke of Edinburgh Service Awards and Musicals. The d

Modigliani Art Lesson

by Joshua S.  On Wednesday, Stage 3 learned all about Amedeo Modigliani who is anArtist. His family’s background was Jewish. But Modigliani painted most of his portraits in France. He was born on 12 July 1884 and Died in the early 1920's. Not only did we learn about him, we also so tried to do a self-portrait of ourselves Modigliani style… In my opinion, it was funny how we gave ourselves long necks and oval-shaped heads. But that’s how Modigliani did his Artwork. Modigliani  The process that we went through to create our pictures:  We made a grid like this in our Art Diaries  We used the grid to draw the head, shoulders and long neck. The shapes are rounded like Modigliani Some of our Finished drawings. The next step will be to paint them. What were some things that you learned about drawing in this way? Why did Modigliani draw the eyes without any details or features? 

Merit Award Winners

Merit can be defined as something deserving of reward, praise or gratitude. Our school gives Merit Awards to recognise those students who have shown something of merit, that is deserving of praise. The students below have received awards for a variety of reasons, each unique to themselves. One of our girls, Charlotte is a talented and committed athlete, who competed at a high level in a competitive walking competition. Stuart, who always has a big smile has generosity and thoughtfulness to match. We have some creative students like Riley who always have some interesting ideas in creating new artwork. Jake and Isaiah did a great job with their history projects. Brianna has been trying with Mathematics, even though she finds it hard to do sometimes. Congratulations to our award Winners for Weeks 7 and 8. Well done everyone!

Science Experiments on Light

This term stage 3 have been studying the 3 properties of light, reflection. Refraction and light travel in straight lines. Each student had to write up 4 experiments to do with light a choose 1 at the end to present to the class. Everyone did a great job presenting their experiments and most of all everyone had fun! For my experiment, I studied the properties of light being refracted in my experiment we had a water bottle filled up with water and we poked a hole in it , then we pointed a laser pointer inline with the hole so then the light looks like it is following the stream of water coming from the hole We all learned lots of things about light during this period light can be a very interesting topic to look up and research. What kind of experiments have you done at home or at school?

How to create a Pop Art portrait using Google Docs

Pop Art was an art movement in the 20th Century that features bright colours and strong contrasts in graphics. Andy Warhol was one of the key artists of the movement who became renowned for bright two-dimensional portraits of famous people. The portraits were often repeated a number of times Making our own version of a Pop Art portrait turned out to be a lot of fun. Photos of each student were taken and uploaded to Google Photos. I made a folder for all the photos which Stage 3 were able to access. I then created an Assignment in Google Classroom.  Each Stage 3 student chose their own photo, which they downloaded to their picture files. The students then opened a Google doc and uploaded their photo to the document. They then cropped the photo so that it focused on the face of the student more. They then copied and pasted their photo into the document a number of times.  To recolour the photo, Stage 3 edited their photo using different filters, changing the brightness a

Thank you for our New Flags

Have you noticed that the flags haven't been flying at our school? Our flags have been absent this year, as our old ones had worn out and developed holes. It was time to get new ones! Who to help? A task of a leader is to reach out and ask for assistance, so two of our representatives were asked to write a letter to Chris Patterson , who is the Member for Camden. Alex, our Captain for Primary School and Victoria, one of our prefects, wrote a letter on behalf of our school. They explained the need of flags and asked if Mr. Patterson could help us. This request was kindly passed to Angus Taylor , Member for Hume, who helped us out by sending two flags: The Australian Flag and the Aboriginal Flag. A very big Thank you to our Members of Parliament and their staff for their generosity and organising the flags to be sent to our school. They will be very proudly flown, especially on the upcoming Harmony Day, when we celebrate the diversity that exists in our community

Tinkertime is back on!

Tinkertime has become a favourite activity at MACC. It is a time when students can collaborate, explore, learn and develop new skills about Science, Mathematics and Technology. Many students have been looking forward to its return. The focus that Tinkertime will take, will be towards gardening. We will be focusing on sustainable ways to grow plants, with the view that we will be able to supply the canteen. Maybe even learn to cook some of the vegetables and herbs that we grow. Our hope is to see MACC students see the process that it takes for plants to be grown, harvested and used for food. The students will be keeping records of the way plants grow. They will take measurements of rainfall, as part of the Mathematics part of the project. We are also hoping to be able to acquire a Worm farm so that we can recycle some of the leftover food. This can be turned into liquid fertiliser. We have two planter boxes, which have needed to be filled with soil. We have pl

Our First Assembly

On Thursday we had the first Primary Assembly of 2017!! Primary prefects Victoria and Jake led the assembly and Charlotte and Eliana sang the Australian National Anthem beautifully.  the Christian Discovery Award Winners were Amy and Zack. The secret teacher was Mrs Todd but she couldn’t choose us because she’s our teacher, ( we all know we were the best ). 3M won best class because they sat quietly and didn’t talk. Well done everyone that won the awards! By Sienna Year 6 What do you enjoy the most about Assemblies? What else would you like to see in Assembly? Do you have a good suggestion for an Assembly Item?

Introducing Primary Pup and Monkey Macc

On Thursday at Assembly, we welcomed primary pup. Primary pup is given to the best class but because Mrs. Todd was the secret teacher she couldn't choose us so 3M won. 3M get to keep Primary Pup until the next assembly. On Friday we also welcomed Monkey Macc. Monkey Macc is also given to the best class. On Friday Monkey Macc was awarded to us. We get Monkey Macc until next Friday at morning assembly. The class that gets Monkey Macc and the class that gets Primary Pup the most get to have a reward in term two and then the next classes that get Monkey Macc and Primary Pup the most get a reward in term four. By Amy Year 6 Who do you think will get Primary Pup next? Which class should get Monkey Macc next? Mrs Todd introduced Primary Pup at our first Assembly for the year today. The winning class selected by the Secret Teacher today......3M 👏👏#lovemacc A post shared by @maccprimary on Mar 2, 2017 at 12:26am PST