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Don't Hate The Selfie

Our Inspiration for Visual Arts this term comes from the humble selfie. The idea for the unit comes from a great blog called iPadArtroom . Cathy Hunt, who writes the blog, has some amazing ideas on how to incorporate technology and Visual Arts together. We used the following slides to discuss the idea between selfies and self-portraits We then looked at the following portraits. Are you able to name who painted them? We then created our own version of a selfie drawing using a phone template.  This was a fun lesson!  The discussion was fantastic and thought-provoking. When we were discussing the Self-portraits, it was discovered that one of our students has visited Frida Kahlo's house in Mexico. Very cool! A few Selfie 6T moments! What do you think is the difference between a selfie and a self-portrait? 

Visit From Wests Tigers

It was a very excited Year 6, especially for the Wests Tigers fans today. We had a visit from two of their players, Matt Ballin and Elijah Taylor. They answered questions about themselves and then chatted about the value of "Respect". Respect is also one of schools core values, so it was great to hear this message from role models such as Matt and Elijah. What di you enjoy the most from the WestsTgers NRL players visit? Who is your favourite player or team?  Thanks for visiting us @nrl_weststigers Our students were very impressed with what Matt and Elijah had to say! #respectisimportant #greatmessage #lovemacc A post shared by @maccprimary on Feb 20, 2017 at 4:52pm PST

Christian Discovery Survey

Our School chaplain, Mr Fretwell would like to find out some information about you! Please help him out by clicking the link below and completing the form. If you have any questions, please ask for some help from Mrs Todd. Christian Discovery Survey

Showing what we know about 3D shapes

Most Year 6 students are very familiar with three-dimensional shapes and their features. They are easily able to identify these shapes in the environment. They know that a three-dimensional shape has depth, height and width. The question then is “how can students show what they know?” Make a stop motion video! Year 6 were challenged to create a video to show what they knew about prisms and pyramids. They had to show the unique features of each shape in a creative way. It proved to be a popular activity, with a lot of great results. What did you find out about 3D shapes? Do you think that you were successful in showing what you know about the features of a 3D shape? Di you clearly identify them? 

Know My World Exchange

We live in an amazing time when we can share  the world that we live in with other students around the world. We have the opportunity to participate in an exchange with an organisation called " Know My World ".  This organisation is an educational resource that connects digital exchanges around the world. This will be the third time that Mount Annan Christian College has participated in an exchange of this nature.  The video above forms a part of our submission. It showcases our fabulous school. Enjoy!

Welcome to 2017

Welcome to Year 6! We have had a good start to the year. Everyone has come back refreshed and ready to start a new year of learning. It is very exciting to be in Year 6. It is going to be a big year! The year has already started with quite a few things happening so far. Year 6 has participated in Sports House Meetings and the Swimming Carnival. Everyone had a wonderful day and gave their best effort despite it being a very hot day We have also made history in Year 6 this year, with MACC's very first Primary Captains. Congratulations to Alexandra and Isaiah. Supporting the captains will be our 4 prefects: Amy, Victoria, Zack and Jake. All of these students will do a wonderful job in representing our school. We look forward to an amazing year and hope that you will join us on our journey!